July 28, 2024
Thomas Fersen
My brother is God on Earth
At the crossroads of theater and concert, the singer also acts as an actor in a spoken and sung monologue, where excerpts from his first book shed new light on his best-known songs.

Thomas Fersen, texts and singing
Cécile Bourcier, violin
Maryll Abbas, accordion
Pavel Guerchovitch, guitar
"As I gathered together the monologues in verse of my own making, between tales and fables, farces and poems that have fueled my shows over the last few years, the idea came to me to invent a new one: the diary of my song character, the hopeless lazy and nonchalant teenager who has been wandering through my stories for thirty years. What was just a fantasy became a learning novel, "Dieu sur Terre", and a show, "Mon frère c'est Dieu sur Terre", imagined and directed by Benjamin Lazar and Jessica Dalle."
- Thomas Fersen

Production : Astérios Spectacles
Directed by : Jessica Dalle, Benjamin Lazar
Lighting design : Jimmy Boury
Costume design : Pauline Juille


Full price - 60€
Reduced price - 30€
PMR : Reservations by telephone required

Château de la Moutte - Palm grove
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Thomas Fersen
As a storyteller and melodist since 1993, Thomas Fersen has taken the time to build an original, personal body of work that occupies a special place in French chanson.

In recent years, he has multiplied his stage experience, collaborating with Rolland Auzet on an unexpectedly poetic version of L'Histoire du soldat, then in several jubilant one-man shows punctuated by monologues in his own verse, somewhere between tale and fable, farce and poem. Thomas Fersen excels in this intimate setting, somewhere between a concert and a one-man show. The ideal setting to express his humor, nonchalance and repartee.

1993 - Le Bal des oiseaux 1995 - Les ronds de carotte 1997 - Le jour du poisson 1999 - Qu4tre 2001 - Triplex, live 2003 - Pièce montée des grands Jours 2004 - La Cigale des grands jours, DVD live 2005 - Le pavillon des fous 2006 - Bonne fête Hyacinthe, DVD live 2007 - Gratte-moi-la puce, Best of de poche au ukulélé 2008 - Trois petits tours 2011 - Je suis au paradis 2013 - Thomas Fersen & The Ginger Accident (en licence Tôt ou tard) 2015 - C’est du Limoges, live 2017 - Un coup de queue de vache 2019 – C’est tout ce qu’il me reste